Dope Rappers: Yung KR, Lil Steek, JR23 [Who Dat??? #003]

Yung KR, Lil Steek, JR23 Who Dat 003

Dope Rappers: Yung KR, Lil Steek, JR23 [Who Dat??? #003]

There have been so many major projects released by established artists in the last week or 2, that it’s been hard to keep up with it all. I decided to take a break from all that and show some love to Soundcloud.

I would also like to point out that all 3 of these artists submitted their music via our submission page. If you would like your music featured as well, feel free to submit your music!

Yung KR – BlowKnow (feat. Juno)

Goddamn! This kid is too good, I swear he’s got endless bars. I don’t know how old Yung KR is, but he’s already at the level of an MC that’s been rapping for years. He’s got close to 50 tracks on his Soundcloud, as well as some dope music videos on Youtube.

I’ve listened to at least a dozen of Yung KR’s songs in the past couple days, and every single one of them is quality. This dude is straight rapping his ass off! The last verse on “BlowKnow” is so crazy to me… I was almost going to quote some lyrics, but he just keeps going and going that I would have to quote the whole fuckin verse!

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Lil Steek – Bar Szn

Lil Steek is another youngin droppin some bars. According to his Soundcloud page, Lil Steek is a 17 year old from Mountain Home, Idaho. When I heard “Bar Szn” for the first time I thought it was funny, so I saved it. After listening a few times, it still makes me chuckle. My favorite part is:

Then she said “Boy are you deaf, are you really comin with me?”

I said “Nah you better stop cuz I ain’t fuckin less you tip me!”

Well, Lil Steek doesn’t have any of his other socials posted that I could find. But you can alwaaaaays

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JR23 – Extendo

Unfortunately, “Extendo” is the only song available on JR23’s Soundcloud. It’s really a shame because this is such a fuckin banger that I instantly wanted to hear more, but alas, I cannot. In true Soundcloud fashion, there’s not much information on JR23, and no social links. It does say he’s from Chicago, as he mentions in “Extendo”.

I like JR23’s voice and delivery a lot. This song in particular is pretty relentless, the way he just keeps sending punchline after punchline. There’s no hook, but the beat does switch up a bit, which adds some dynamics.

Put your hands if you feel it

That bullshit for birds, the pigeons

I’m good with the numbers, the digits

Get on the mic and I rip it

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Yung KR, Lil Steek, JR23 Who Dat 003

It seems that the theme here is crazy bars and dope punchlines. I didn’t do that on purpose, that’s just sort of how it worked out.

Anyway, make sure you show love to our featured artists, Yung KR, Lil Steek, and JR23. This music sharing experience wouldn’t be possible without their contributions!

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