What’s Been In My Headphones Lately #005 (EarthGang, Hopsin, Pivot Gang)

What's Been In My Headphones Lately #005

What’s Been In My Headphones Lately #005 (EarthGang, Hopsin, Pivot Gang)

Here’s the deal: I have been listening to some new hip hop, but I haven’t had the motivation to post anything. It seems appropriate to bring back an old series for this one, so here goes another segment of What’s Been In My Headphones Lately. I’m gonna drop the new tunes that have graced my headphones in the past few weeks. There’s also two new names for me: Emeryld and Pivot Gang.

Emeryld feat. EarthGang – Hope You’re Happy

This is probably my favorite song on this list. Before “Hope You’re Happy” I had never heard of Emeyrld, but I’ve checked out her other songs on Spotify since, and I gotta say, I love her voice. Sometimes with singers, more-so than rappers, I think I like their voice based off of one song. Then I go listen to their other music and discover that that was just the style & sound for that one song, and maybe I’m not such a fan of their voice. Well, to be fair, I’ve only heard like 4 of Emeryld’s songs so who knows.

EarthGang, I mean you already know what it is. They’re becoming one of my favorite groups/duos in hip hop. I know it sounds cliche, but I love the vibes of their music. I’m not an aficionado on vocal dexterity , but I enjoy their singing and the way they switch from singing to rapping, including switching up their flows.

I’ve been seeing comparisons of EarthGang to OutKast on social media, but I find it kind of annoying. From what I’ve seen, people mean it in a good way, but I think it’s damaging to them as artists, and kind of sets them up in a position to fail. Either they will come up short of expectations, or they will be viewed as unoriginal, or even worse, biting.

I just realized I haven’t even mentioned the song yet. “Hope You’re Happy” is incredible to my ears. I feel like I melt into this song when I listen to it, my body completely overcome by the sonic goodness. Yeah, I dig it.

Hopsin – Picasso

The first time that I listened to “Picasso”, I thought that Hopsin missed the mark, but I gotta tell ya, it’s growing on me. I think that my first reaction was that Hopsin sounded unexcited and repetitive. To a certain extent he’s predictable. “Picasso” definitely didn’t wow me, but after giving it another chance, I realized I was a bit harsh. I’m sure some of y’all will enjoy it. I actually know for sure that this is the exact Hop that a lot of people prefer.

Pivot Gang – Studio Ground Rules

Pivot Gang is another new name for me, although this one is obviously a group. I found their music from a fellow blogger, although it was on Instagram. I tend to like this person’s taste in hip hop, so I checked out Pivot Gang’s album, You Can’t Sit With Us, and I was not disappointed.

“Studio Ground Rules” is definitely my favorite song on the album, and I knew it the first time I heard it. I think I actually hit replay on that joint the first time too. There’s just something about the hook at the beginning that pulled me in. It took me back to my good ol’ studio days with the homies. We would chill for hours recording raps, smoking and drinking. Ahh nostalgia.

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