Under The Radar: Prophet Productions – “The Producer”

Prophet Productions- The Producer

Under The Radar: Prophet Productions – “The Producer”

I’m trying to keep up with the music submissions while still posting the mainstream music that I listen to. In that spirit, here’s another dope lyricist that you may not have heard of: Prophet Productions. He’s an underground hip hop artist from Canada who has put out over 12 projects in his career. He is now gearing up to release another album on January 5th. “The Producer” is the lead single from Prophet Productions’ upcoming album, The Last Scrolls.

What I really like about “The Producer” is that Prophet Productions exhibited great technical skills. His metaphors and use of symbolism were well appreciated. His diction is quite unique, which to me is a more noticeable trait than strictly having a larger vocabulary. There is a definite old school vibe going on with his rhyme schemes. It makes for a familiar enough flow to easily listen to, yet different enough to not feel dated.

Though there is a braggadocious aspect to his lyrics, he doesn’t really come off as arrogant. The vibe that I get is more of a diligent artist that’s feelin’ himself. Like most underground rappers, Prophet Productions could benefit from a good audio engineer to get the sound quality up a little. Besides that, he’s basically the whole package: banging beats and bars for day.

Check out “The Producer” below and follow Prophet Productions on Soundcloud. You can also listen to the rest of his projects on Bandcamp. Keep an eye out for his new album, The Last Scrolls, dropping January 5, 2019. Hop in the comments and let me know what you think about the rhymes this man delivered.

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