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Under The Radar: Masta Q – “Work”

Yes, I know I’ve neglected the “Under The Radar” segment of the blog for a while now. I’ve been focusing on other promotional opportunities, like the podcast!

Well I figured why not combine the two? I could sift through artist submissions on the podcast, and then the ones that I really like I could write up a post about.

Enter: Masta Q
Masta Q

I definitely try to listen to new artists with an open mind. Usually I’m not into trap music, but being objective, I can’t ignore how entertaining Masta Q’s music is. “Work” is the song featured below, which is from his latest project, Straight Outta Deltona. You can stream the 7 song EP on Soundcloud, which is produced by Novacane and hosted by DJ Guido Papi.

Work – Prod. By Novacane
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Luckily for me, Q included a bio/backstory on his Soundcloud page. I love when artists do that, but unfortunately most don’t. I would much rather an artist get to paint their own picture of themselves, rather than me butchering the details, so check out Masta Q’s bio below:

Masta Q is an up and coming american artist from Deltona, Florida originally born and began his early life in Long Island, New York. After being separated from 3 years of active duty service as an Airborne Infantryman in the U.S. Army, Masta Q began the start of his career as an artist. He is also a proud Master Mason in the state of Florida belonging to Landmark Lodge 383rd. Embracing his eccentric musical style in the modern hip hop culture is the one and only Masta Q. Enjoy listening and don’t forget to please follow, like, comment, repost, and share.

Masta Q’s Soundcloud

If you’re more of a music video kind of person, don’t worry, I gotcha! I hit the Youtube land and came back with a pretty funny one. Q’s channel has a bunch of videos, but I chose “Monster Or Goblin”. Check-uh-check it out!

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