Under The Radar: 747 – Retribution (INTRO)

747- Retribution

Under The Radar: 747 – Retribution (INTRO)

Alright, I might lose some of y’all with this post, but that’s OK. “Retribution” was such a dope, fun hip hop song that it’s hard to not smile and nod your head. 747 is the group, which according to Soundcloud, consists of LOGAN, Jokage, Skunky HotBox, and Draco. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information on their Soundcloud as far as lyrics or whose verse is who’s. For instance, “Retribution” only credits Jokage and LOGAN, but it sounds like more than 2 different rappers to me. Who knows, maybe they just used different voices and fooled me.

Either way, all of the verses were dope. I’m definitely getting some Odd Future vibes on this track with the dark beat and crazy vocal energy. I can see how some people would be off-put by the poor recording quality, but everybody has to start somewhere, and honestly that doesn’t really bother me anymore. I think part of it is that they are very ambitious with their flow selection, but probably don’t spend a ton of time in post production getting the timing to sound perfect. So at times they appear to rap off beat, but again, I understand why so it doesn’t really matter.

I’m more focused on their lyrics, cadence, and creativity. The audio quality and tightening up of everything will come in time, but they’ve got a great lyrical foundation. “Retribution” is only the introduction, but make sure you check out their Prophets Of Destiny EP. I’m pretty excited to follow 747 and witness their growth.

Follow 747, as well as Jokage and LOGAN on Soundcloud (click their name). Check out “Retribution” below and make sure you give it a rating. Are you feeling this one or not?

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