Tom MacDonald – “Fake Fans” (Music Video)

Tom MacDonald- Fake Fans

Tom MacDonald – “Fake Fans” (Music Video)

Hahaha Tom MacDonald has definitely earned my respect with this one! I’ve been listening to some of Tom’s songs here and there over the past year or so. I can say that dude for sure has talent. He seems to like making songs that stir up controversy, or at least make people uncomfortable. “Fake Fans” fits the bill.

Hip hop fans are notoriously fickle. This isn’t anything new. Many artists have made songs addressing their fans, and Tom does a great job of both outlining his frustrations, as well as recognizing the concerns of his fanbase.

I’m really diggin’ “Fake Fans”! Mostly because it’s catchy and has a dope beat. The concept is dope, but I think Tom intentionally kept the delivery & rhyme schemes simple to make his point. If not, then it’s just a simple song in its structure.

My ONLY gripe is the amount of times that he rhymed “bro”. Also, I’m laughing while typing this, not that you can tell. I honestly don’t give a fuck if he says “bro” a hundred times, but I was listening like, “We get it bro!”

The crybaby fanboy voice was dope too! I love the opening scene where Tom is in different costumes for each line that starts with “Please don’t” Dude is obviously creative, so just let him do his thing, ya know?

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