Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition! | Dr. Octagonecologyst

Dr. Octagon- Dr. Octagonecologyst

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition! | Dr. Octagonecologyst

Want some stupid hashtags? #Halloween2019 happens to fall on #ThrowbackThursday this year. So what does that mean for a hip hop head?

Horrorcore of course!

Dr. Octagon- Dr. Octagonecologyst

My favorite horrorcore album is Dr. Octagonecologyst by Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon. Mostly because I don’t really like horrorcore songs where the rapper is trying to be serious. Kool Keith is about as silly as it gets, and his imagination is other-worldly.

Dr. Octagon | Dr. Octagonecologyst (Full Album Stream)

This gem was first released May 7, 1996, which puts it at 23 years old. I myself probably didn’t hear it until around 2010, but I instantly fell in love with it.

Now first of all, Dr. Octagon’s lyrics are incredibly immature and gross at times. I think that’s just part of trying to create this character that’s super weird. Even though it felt forced at times, the overall sound of Dr. Octagonecologyst is wonderful!

Kool Keith’s cadence to me is what really separates him as an artist. I love the way that he makes the weirdest shit sound cool.

The production on Dr. Octagonecologyst really should be award winning. I’m not sure if it already is or not, but it should be. Dan “The Automator” Nakamura produced the album, with DJ Qbert working magic on the turntables. There is now an instrumental version of the album available as well.

My personal favorite songs are: “Real Raw”, “3000”, “Blue Flowers”, “Bear Witness”, and “Earth People”. I guess that’s kind of a lot of favorites, but the album is dope all around, so there ya go.

If you’ve heard Dr. Octagon, let me know what your favorite songs on the album are. If not, then what’s your favorite horrorcore album? Help a brotha out with the suggestions, because I only know the obvious artists like Brotha Lynch, Necro, and Esham.

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