Russ – Serious (Music Video)

Russ - Serious Music Video

Russ – Serious (Music Video)

Russ released the new music video to his song “Serious” the day before Valentine’s, but I missed it. I’m only 2 days late though, and I really like the videos so it’s worth posting. The song itself is good enough on its own, but with the music video added, it’s almost guaranteed to get you in your feelings.

It’s strange in this new age of music how quickly new music seems like old news. I was honestly surprised to see that Russ made a music video for a song off of Zoo, considering it came out last year. Then I thought about it, and it hasn’t really been that long. Russ released Zoo on September 7th, so just over 5 months, but with the overload of music out there it seems like years.

Regardless of all that, I still think Russ makes a quality product. I still have no idea why he gets hated so much on the internet, but I really like his music. The “Serious” music video feels so relatable too, that it’s easy to connect to. Definitely check it out, and leave a comment with your favorite hip hop love song.

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