Reason – “Flick It Up” feat. Ab-Soul (Music Video)

Reason - "Flick It Up" feat. Ab-Soul (Music Video)

Reason – “Flick It Up” feat. Ab-Soul (Music Video)

Reason recently teamed up with fellow TDE artist Ab-Soul to put out a banger! Check out the “Flick It Up” music video, man that shit funny as hell.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I haven’t seen Ab-Soul on anything recently. So for that reason, I gotta show Reason some love.

Get it?

Yeah I know, I’m sorry, I’ve been stoned for a while.

Flick It Up | Music Video

“Flick It Up” has such a fun vibe! I keep watching the video and finding myself smiling and bouncing along. I think Reason and Ab-Soul’s voices complement each other very well. Kinda similar to Reason & Cozz on “LamboTruck”.

Ayo, I’m not mad at all about the visuals. TDE hooked it up for my man Reason. Buncha beautiful women, including my favorite, latinas!

As far as the content of the song, it’s nothing too extravagant. We’re here to have fun on this one, not get all scientific. Reason set it off with some brag rap, letting the competition know what’s up. Ab-Soul did use some wordplay in his verse, but again, nothing too crazy.

Let me know what you think about the “Flick It Up” music video. I definitely think Reason deserves a big hit, and I think this could be it. If not, he’s certainly knocking on that door.

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