OC feat. Yung KR – RAW (Music Video)

Yung KR Raw Music Video

OC feat. Yung KR – RAW (Music Video)

Yo I’m becoming a big fan of this kid Yung KR lately. I posted about him a while back, as well as playing his music on the HHiMH Podcast. Now I’m posting his visuals for the first time. This track is from back February ’18, but it’s still dope and I’m sure you haven’t heard it yet anyway. So it’s new for us 🙂 Check out the RAW music video below.

RAW Music Video

“RAW” was actually posted on E Vision’s Youtube channel. He’s the videographer, and I gotta say that I thought the video was well done. OC is the dude on the right with the hoodie, and Yung KR is the dude on the left with the afro. They ALL killed it on the RAW music video!

Although he doesn’t have all of his music on Youtube, Yung KR does have one of his projects up there. You can subscribe to his Youtube channel, or better yet, check out his Soundcloud page. There’s a whole lot more music to listen to up there.

Check it out and drop your thoughts in the comment section below!

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