“Non-Binary Up!” | HHiMH Podcast (#015)

"Non-Binary Up" | HHiMH Podcast (#015)

“Non-Binary Up!” | HHiMH Podcast (#015)

Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 15

I will admit that things got a bit heated. I vent a bit about people getting some backlash for sharing my opinions. I understand that artists can be sensitive people, but it becomes exhausting having to always care about people’s feelings.

Whether you’re a man, woman, or one of the 60 other genders out there today, we as a society need to stop being so sensitive.

Non-Binary Up!

In this episode I talk about the reason why I’m pulling the plug on the React 2 Rappers segment of the podcast. As you can see from the list below, I’m just trying to get through the rest of these submissions.

Other topics include: Skyzoo & Pete Rock’s new album, being a smartass in the workplace, Youtube refusing to allow me to upload videos, and more!

Songs in this episode:

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Don’t forget that if you’re interested in having your music featured on the blog, or in this podcast, I am always accepting new music submissions! I love discovering new artists, so hit me up and let’s grow together!

For anyone that actually listened to me blab for over an hour, I fuckin love you!

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