New Halloween Song: “Leather Face” | Bizarre, Hopsin, King Gordy, Lazarus

Bizarre, Hopsin, King Gordy, Lazarus- Leather Face

New Halloween Song: “Leather Face” | Bizarre, Hopsin, King Gordy, Lazarus

Man I saw on Friday morning that “Leather Face” dropped, and I had no idea. I didn’t realize that this joint was even in the works, but I’ve very glad to have it! Bizarre, Hopsin, King Gordy, and Lazarus team up for a Halloween horrorcore experience like no other.

Leather Face” is a single from Bizarre’s upcoming album, Rufus. The last I saw, it’s scheduled to release on November 12th.

Who had the best verse?
So who do you think had the best verse on “Leather Face”?
Bizarre- Leather Face

I will say that I never expect Bizarre to have the best verse on any collaboration, but he really did kill his verse. I really liked that Conway reference!

Out of my mind like Kanye

Twist your mouth like Conway

Conway The Machine is a DOPE rapper, but Bizarre is referencing Conway’s case of Bell’s palsy. Conway was shot, and as a result his mouth is a bit twisted from the Bell’s palsy.

King Gordy
King Gordy- Leather Face

King Gordy is dope too! I’ve heard him spit some dark lyrics on Tech N9ne’s album, K.O.D. I remember him from Proof’s album, Searching For Jerry Garcia as well, but I’ve never really heard any of his solo stuff.

Sorry I lied, get inside of a suitcase

Chop her fucking body, won’t find her for two days

King Gordy’s verse is riddled with murderous imagery, but in a good way!

Hopsin- Leather Face

Hopsin‘s flow is very much on point here, but his delivery lacks conviction. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like his lines aren’t hitting as hard as they should be.

For instance, I think this is a dope couple of bars, but I missed it the first 2 times I heard the song, because Hopsin’s delivery had me zoning out a bit.

I like it like that

Bitch don’t you try to fight back

Are you not realizing I have

A can of lighter fluid

I’mma jam it right into your

Fuckin cleavage area

And damn it I’mma light match

Sometimes I feel like Hopsin is too good of a writer. It’s so technical, it seems insincere. I’m still a big fan though, don’t get it twisted!

Lazarus- Leather Face

Alright so Lazarus is the only dude that I’ve never heard anything from him before. I was impressed though, dude can definitely spit.

People wanna label me a slasher

Nah I’m a surgeon

Make a facial match from his fascia

Slice him into parts, dissecting is a art

I calculate the angle of his zygomatic arch

Bro, what the fuck? This dude Lazarus is demented haha.

I really do like this style of horrocore though, because it requires a basic understanding of anatomy. And obviously that’s something that serial killers have in common.

So make sure you vote on who you thought had the best verse! Duke it out in the comments section below.

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