Mick Jenkins | Pieces Of A Man

Mick Jenkins- Pieces Of A Man

Mick Jenkins | Pieces Of A Man

Yoooo! I have been so excited for Pieces Of A Man to come out, and then when it finally did I forgot about it! Alright so it dropped on October 26, but it took me a couple of days to properly listen to it. I threw it on repeat and listened to it probably 5 times in a row. It was while I was working though, so I would miss a song here and there on each rotation. I have to say that I pretty quickly fell in love with this album, and once again I feel like Mick Jenkins has proven himself as a top lyricist.

Pieces Of A Man is obviously a reference to the Gil Scott Heron album of the same name. That album is a very well known classic, so naming his album the exact same thing is a pretty bold move on Mick’s part. I expected him to sample or reinterpret Gil Scott’s music in some obvious way, but he really didn’t. It was a pleasant surprise because it’s clear that Mick was influenced by Gil Scott Heron’s Pieces Of A Man, but I believe Mick was unique enough to really make this album his own.

My plan as of right now is to let this album really soak in for the next couple of weeks and then I will come back and do a more in depth review. Mick Jenkins has a great skill when it comes to writing, and I’m a big fan of the poetic styling of his verses. He is one of a handful of rappers who I really enjoy digging into the hidden meanings behind his lyrics.

Stream / Download Pieces Of A Man

For now, you can stream Pieces Of A Man on Soundcloud below. It’s also available on any of your favorite streaming services. You can download the album from iTunes and Amazon (and more). How do you feel this album stacks up against the rest of Mick’s catalogue? Let me know if you like it as much as I do in the comments section.

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