Kellz – 10N2 Freestyle

Kellz- 10N2 Freestyle

Kellz – 10N2 Freestyle

Are you ready for some bars, my friend? You gotsta check out this dude Kellz and his song “10N2”. Kellz is a Colorado rapper, and I’m only assuming that because he mentions Colorado in this song. His voice and flow kind of remind me of Bay Area rappers. He’s dope though, so make sure you listen to his song below.

Kellz – “10N2 Freestyle”

I feel a little dumb, because I was high when I listened to this song, and I thought it said “1 ON 2”, not “10 N 2”. So even though the song artwork is a steering wheel, I still didn’t piece it together. But also, the lyrics give it aways:

I walk up in this bitch high with my eyes low

Shorty lookin’ and she wanna see what I’m on

Young nigga shine like I ride with the brights on

Young nigga ride like my hands on 10 and 2

Talkin’ to the women like I’m givin’ them an interview

If you’re feelin this track, then you should check out some more of Kellz’s music on his Youtube channel. If you haven’t already heard about it, there’s now an official Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast! Give it a listen and discover new music!

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