Joyner Lucas Feat. Logic – ISIS (Music Video)

Joyner Lucas Feat. Logic - ISIS (Music Video)

Joyner Lucas Feat. Logic – ISIS (Music Video)

Good marketing. The thumbnail is a little clickbait-y, but leveraging their whole “beef” with a thumbnail of Joyner about to execute Logic is a smart move. So yeah, Joyner Lucas and Logic put an end to their “beef” so they could break bread together on their new song, “ISIS”. When my co-worker told me about this song I really thought it was going to be corny. I mean, I still don’t like the name, but also Logic on any song these days is a gamble. Luckily I was wrong, so check out the “ISIS” music video and see what’s up for yourself.

Personally, I think that whether you listen to a song on its own first, or hear a song for the first time while watching the music video makes a difference on you perceive it. Sometimes a music video can kind of act as a cheat sheet because you don’t have to catch every minor detail in the lyrics; the video acts out whatever subtlety there may be. But also some music videos are so perfect that it’s better to listen to the song while watching the video. So I guess what I’m really saying is nothing at all.

Oh yeah, the point of all that was that I listened to “ISIS” like 5 times before I watched the music video. You know what else though? Some songs don’t need music videos. When I listened to this song, I didn’t for a second think, “Ah man I wonder what they’re gonna do for the video”. It wasn’t necessary. Some songs are just beats and rhymes and all you can really do is rap into the camera while trying to look cool. Not to say that rappers shouldn’t make music videos, but also, I don’t really feel like watching most of them. I only watched this one because I wanted to post the song and it made sense to post the music video while I’m at it.

My Thoughts on the ISIS Music Video

Did you read the paragraph above this one? Copy & paste. This video is exactly what I described, and I wrote that before I even actually watched it. There’s a bunch of dudes dressed up in military gear, including Joyner and Logic. And yeah, they’re rapping into the camera trying to look cool. Blog post complete.

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