Jollof Rice | Music Video (Bas x EarthGang)

Jollof Rice | Music Video (Bas x EarthGang)

Jollof Rice | Music Video (Bas x EarthGang)

It’s been a minute since “Jollof Rice” dropped, but if you’re like me, you still got it in your playlist! I was pretty stoked to see that Bas and EarthGang got together for a Jollof Rice music video. As usual, I’m mad late. But hey, maybe some of you haven’t seen it yet, so here ya go!

Even though I almost never comment on Youtube videos, the comment section might be my favorite part of Youtube. My favorite comment on this video:

Disappointed that there was no actual Jollof Rice in the video

Bello Atolagbe

and I must say, I was too…

It’s cool though, the video was still dope. I actually just found this out, but I guess jollof rice is a very popular dish in some African countries. So it all ties together with the video.

In the song intro, Doctur Dot says, “Black pussy only”. And there’s a couple of, presumably, African women in the video. And jollof rice is a popular rice dish in Africa. And Bas mentions having a girl that needs a visa to visit the US. So yeah, dots connected.

Check out the Jollof Rice music video and let me know what you think!

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