It’s My Birthday! My B-b-buh-birthday!

Antwan - Hip Hop In My Headphones

It’s My Birthday! My B-b-buh-birthday!

Thaaat’s right!

October 29, 1991 was a very special day indeed! The hip hop world would be granted a gift on this wonderful Tuesday that would change the genre forever. Of course, we all know what that gift was…

Ice Cube- Death Certificate

Ice Cube put out his incredible album, Death Certificate on the day I was born. It only had the greatest diss track of all time, you know, “No Vaseline”. So it’s all good, cause my life has been pretty much just as impactful though, ya know?

*Existential crisis*

So anyway, I figured to celebrate my birthday I would share some of the stuff that I’ve worked on over the years. I used to have my own website where I hosted all of my songs and you could stream them and everything, but uhh…

Let’s just say that I somehow changed the code so that Google’s robot spiders would crawl my site so many times that it would crash my website.

Every day.

So I said fuck it, and let my webhost plan expire. Now I have music scattered across the web, with some on Spotify, some on Youtube, and most of it on Soundcloud.

Actually, most of my music is probably not online at all. But nevermind that.

BLANCO EP | Antwan Valentino
Antwan Valentino- BLANCO

Let’s start it off with my most recent body of work, BLANCO. I named it that because this was a really personal album to me, and Blanco is my last name.

So there ya go. Keepin’ it simple.

For real though, there’s 8 songs on the BLANCO EP, and I would have to say that 5 or 6 of those are fairly personal in terms of the content matter. I wrote 7 of the 8 songs within a couple months, because I was going through a breakup and felt inspired by the emotions that came with it.

I didn’t make any of the beats on the project, which is probably why they sound good. If I’m being honest though, I think the EP has an overall “alternative hip hop” sound to it. Just my opinion.

Track List
  1. Tao
  2. The Past
  3. Love & H*****
  4. Lies
  5. Tinnitus
  6. Long Time
  7. The Future
  8. Fly Away

So if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can buy BLANCO on iTunes, Amazon, and a bunch of other platforms. You’d be doing me a birthday solid with your purchase, and likewise you can stream the album and help me get them pennies!

Also, BLANCO was originally released on my birthday last year, so it’s exactly 1 year old now!

Other Albums, Mixtapes & EPs

On top of that I’ve probably got a ton of singles that never made it onto any projects. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Broken Record

I linked up with a producer from Portugal for this one. Kamerman Slotmachine also produced another favorite of mine, “Distorted Thoughts”, from Thoughts of an Introvert EP.

Crumbs For Thought

Although I love the end product (but not the end of the song), I gotta say “Crumbs For Thought” is the only song I made that drove me to drink.

Well sort of.

I was in between jobs and weed wasn’t legal yet. I had to quit smoking to pass a drug test, but being sober wasn’t an option.

So yeah, Jack Daniels.

Everything I’m Not

Stereotic is a French hip hop producer, and he got a hold of me to collab on “Everything I’m Not”. I let him mix my vocals, which I never really do. Some of it is hard to understand, but oh well.

I love the instrumentation on the track. I truly feel honored that somebody capable of making this wanted to work with me.

Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast

Nowadays you can catch me gettin’ stoned and talkin’ my shit, once a week on my podcast. Here’s the latest episode:

So feel free to subscribe and do please share it with your acquaintances. Don’t forget, it is my birthday!

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