Hopsin – You Should’ve Known (Music Video) [Feat. Dax]

Hopsin - You Should've Known (Music Video) [Feat. Dax]

Hopsin – You Should’ve Known (Music Video) [Feat. Dax]

Hopsin just came through in a big way with his “You Should’ve Known” music video featuring Dax. The song itself is dope, but the video is crazy as fuck! First off, it’s a parody of Bird Box, for the 5 people that haven’t seen it yet. The gory deaths were a nice touch, and it was cool that they even kind of acted out a couple of scenes, without music.

“You Should’ve Known” is also notable because of its guest feature, Dax. Hopsin never really worked with a lot of artists before, but I remember seeing him on one of those “interview while we eat food” kind of shows. He talked about how he thinks that his decision to not work with other artists has held his career back. He now wants to start working with other rappers and producers to learn how to be creative with other people.

I’ve actually been following Dax on Instagram for a while, because I’ve seen him on so many pages I follow. In a lot of his captions he talks about how much work he’s got lined up for 2019, and it seems he was not lying. I didn’t actually listen to Dax before this song though, so I’ll have to add him on Spotify or something and educate myself.

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