Hopsin – I Don’t Want It (Is Hopsin Done With Hip Hop?)

Hopsin- I Don't Want It

Hopsin – I Don’t Want It (Is Hopsin Done With Hip Hop?)

This is powerful man. I know people call Hopsin corny, but I honestly think he’s one of the realest rappers ever. There’s not too many other rappers that are willing to open up about their personal life and mental health problems with the same level of enthusiasm as Hopsin does. Plus skill. That’s important too. So I think “I Don’t Want It” hits a little harder because it’s not only a good song, but it’s also Hopsin announcing that he’s leaving rap alone for a while.

I always think of Robin Williams, someone we loved and who we saw appealing
He made us all laugh as adults and children
Shit, all the millions that he had, I wonder what were his thoughts and feelings five minutes before the belt that cut his breath off and killed him
Prolly something like my thoughts now
What goes up has gotta fall down

I Don’t Want It No More

Hopsin started “I Don’t Want It” rather ambitiously. Putting suicide on the table early sets the tone for the whole song though, and I think it lets you know how serious Hop is. Let’s be honest, Hopsin has been talking about disappearing from the rap game for years now. And actually, he has taken a few brief breaks, but something about this one feels different. Hopsin has a son now, and I’m sure he would rather spend his time with his son rather than navigate the bullshit music industry.

I feel like this song was a good summary for Hop’s life and career. Most of the issues that Hopsin talks about have been discussed on other songs as well. For a fan who has listened to all of his albums and followed his story, there probably aren’t any surprises here. More importantly, it feels more like a goodbye speech. Hop gives you one last song to explain his departure. The question is, for how long?

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