Dax vs Crypt Rap Beef | Wack Ass Rappers & Eulogy (Music Videos)

Dax vs Crypt Rap Beef | Wack Ass Rappers & Eulogy (Music Videos)

Well I had an interesting day today going down a Youtube rabbit hole. Over a week ago I saw Dax promoting his then-unreleased diss track, which he was calling the greatest diss track of all time. Now, we all know that’s bullshit without even listening to it. But fine, call it what you want to call it get a good buzz going. Then I saw that he finally posted the music video on Youtube, and it was just called “Wack Ass Rappers”. The title didn’t include anybody’s name, so I just figured it was a generic diss track at the entire rap game, you know, like rappers do?

So whatever, I ignored it for a week because life. Now that it’s the weekend and I’ve got nothing else to do but listen to music and blog about it (how sad), I figured I would check it out. On the first listen, I thought that my assumptions were correct. If you’re not familiar with the “Youtube rappers” that he’s dissing, it absolutely sounds like a generic diss track aimed at nobody specifically. It wasn’t until I read the comments that I even figured out who he was going at. To be honest, for a second I was afraid he was dissing Hopsin. Luckily I was wrong.

So then I checked the suggested videos, and found this:

Crypt Reacts to Dax – “Wack Ass Rappers”

I’ve never heard of Crypt. I wasn’t really sure if he himself was involved in the “beef” or if he was just a Youtuber breaking down the diss track. Turns out he’s both. Crypt goes through the video and breaks down some of the lines, while also telling some of the backstory that Dax left out. He immediately pointed out the thing that I myself had a huge problem with: the misleading title of Dax’s video. It is neither a freestyle, nor is it a one take video. The music video is full of video cuts and editing. I guess you could argue the meaning of the word freestyle to mean that there’s no structure to the song, so therefore that part is accurate, but whatever.

Crypt is funny and I enjoyed his commentary. I actually didn’t notice that the chainsaw that Dax is holding is an electric chainsaw that isn’t plugged in. You can even see the cable hanging there in the video, which makes the chainsaw useless haha. Apparently “Wack Ass Rappers” is also a shot at Crypt’s Instagram bio, which says “Crypt | 24 | Wack ass rapper.” Crypt points out that Dax does drop the names of the rappers that he’s dissing in the lines:

Don’t get it screwed (Scru Face Jean) up the fame I do not chase (CHVSE)
Yo careers in a crypt (Crypt), you still in the same place
Making videos of Dax trynna do me like the feds
‘Cause they bars low quality mine’s in hi res (Hi-Rez)
We not in the same league, don’t even act like we are
You will not beat Dax like a KSI spar

Crypt Responds With “Eulogy”

So even though Crypt said that he wasn’t going to respond to Dax, since Dax didn’t even really diss any of them, he came back with “Eulogy”. Like I said before, I had never heard of Crypt, so I have no bias here. I think Crypt absolutely murdered Dax! His wordplay was too fucking good. The beat was fire, Crypt’s flow was on point, and he actually dissed his opponent.

I’ll take yo D, chop it off with what’s left of ya name

Give you this L, so you can put it right there in it’s place

And that’s the only way you fly, how’s that for wordplay?

I mean the entire song is full of dope lines and clever wordplay. The only negative thing I can say is that Crypt’s delivery makes it a little difficult to catch everything. I think if he slowed down just a little bit, it would be easier to listen to, but either way I’ve played “Eulogy” like 5 times, so I still got most of it. There’s also the element of not really knowing the full story, and I’m sure some of the disses were previously behind the scenes type stuff. I’m sure not 100% of the content was public knowledge prior to this “beef”, but for someone who was already a fan of Crypt, maybe they would understand more of what’s going on.

“Wack Ass Rappers” vs “Eulogy”

So who are you rocking with, Dax or Crypt? If this is just round 1, I gotta give it to Crypt, hands down. Not that I was a huge fan of Dax before, but at least I heard a few songs and I liked them, but Crypt came out of nowhere in my eyes, and completely stole the show. We’ll see where things go from here, but I want you guys to vote below and let me know who you think won this battle.

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