Dax – “Self Proclaimed 3” (Music Video)

Dax- Self Proclaimed 3

Dax – “Self Proclaimed 3” (Music Video)

It’s been a quick minute since I’ve had Dax up in my headphones. Last time I was listening to him was when he was dissing half of Youtube. Apparently this dude dropped a couple tracks called “Self Proclaimed” 1 and 2. Now, he’s released “Self Proclaimed 3” along with a music video and everything.

“Self Proclaimed 3” | Music Video

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard to listen to Dax the same way after all this beef shit. Dude has talent and everything, but I really can’t connect to him as a person at all. So, this kind of song where he’s really trying to build a connection to his audience, kind of falls flat for me.

But really, the reason why I decided to post it because I feel like I would have liked it if I didn’t hear all them Youtubers air Dax’s ass out. The song is well written, and the beat is good.

Ya know, while I’m already expressing my feelings, I got something else to say. Dax to me still is at a similar level lyrically as when I first heard him months ago. He’s very technically skilled, but his bars are almost robotic. There’s never really anything surprising, and his delivery lacks conviction to me.

But whatever, I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ll be checking for the next Dax joint.

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