Dax Is Getting Roasted By Youtube Rappers! [4 Dax Diss Tracks]

4 Dax Diss Tracks

Dax Is Getting Roasted By Youtube Rappers! [4 Dax Diss Tracks]

Yesterday I posted the “Eulogy” diss track to Dax from Youtube rapper Crypt. At that point I already spent hours on Youtube watching videos related to this “beef”. After I posted the whole Dax vs Crypt thing, I dove even deeper and realized that like 4 other dudes all dissed Dax! The thing is, Crypt said himself that he didn’t want to respond to “Wack Ass Rappers”, so maybe that’s why it took him a week longer than everyone else. But anyway, I found a bunch of Dax diss tracks and maaaaan! They killed him! So here we go…

Hi-Rez – The Story Of Kendra (Dax Diss)

Supposedly Dax made songs and social media posts about his ex-girlfriend Kendra cheating on him. Hi-Rez exposed him on that by posting some screenshots of Kendra’s social media saying that he cheated first. High school drama, I know. Regardless, Hi-Rez had some funny bars and called Dax out on other issues like burning bridges with the people that helped him get to where he’s at today.

You better as a trash getter, than all your trash records

I’d rather hear Dax Sheppard

Than Dax rap, cuz I bet he rap better

You cheated first, I can go and ask Kendra

CHVSE – I’m Sorry G (Dax Diss)

And what about the girl that ain’t exist

The one you said that cheated on you then you pled the 5th

That shit is fabricated, if it ain’t, then fuckin’ name the bitch

Manipulate a market that’s relatable to gain respect

These lines from CHVSE tie into “The Story Of Kendra” where Dax apparently lied about his ex cheating on him. CHVSE also shows screenshots from a Dax video side by side with another Youtube rapper’s video, and they are quite similar. He’s claiming that Dax jacked the video idea and ran with it.

It’s funny too, because the title “I’m Sorry G” is a reference to the whole Tory Lanez situation. If you didn’t know, here’s a real quick breakdown. Tory was battling a whole bunch of rappers a while back, and Dax decided to throw his hat in the ring. Tory didn’t like that, so he saw him on the street and pulled up on him. Apparently Tory was pointing a gun at Dax and told him to apologize, and Dax said “I’m sorry G”. So CHVSE flipped that on him with the title.

Scru Face Jean – The End Game (Dax Response)

Hahahaha damn it dude, this guy is funny as hell! I don’t really think he had the best bars out of all these guys, but he’s by far the most entertaining. In “The End Game” music video he even recreated the Tory Lanez video that I mentioned above. I love how he mocks the hand movements that Dax does all the time. Of course he goes over the top with it, but that’s why it’s so funny.

Scru Face Jean also had some funny references like the “Damn Daniel” meme and the electric chainsaw that’s not plugged in in “Wack Ass Rappers”. Of course, like the rest of these guys, Scru brings up how Dax always mentions that he was a janitor. The end was dope too.

But I’m joking Danny boy, or am I?

Now let’s play a little game called Who Am I?

I’m wack and when I wave my hands I think I snap

I stole a lot of people’s cash and I’m insecure ’bout my raps

That’s why, I dissed them niggas when they pay me for the track

What’s the answer you ask? It’s Dax!

Duane Jackson – The One Above All (Dax Diss)

As far as I know, Duane Jackson was the only rapper that didn’t make a music video to go with his diss track. Either way though, dude’s got some serious bars, so I’m posting it. He was also the guy that made a video breaking down the whole beef situation between all of these rappers. I found that video on the Genius page for “Wack Ass Rappers” in the annotations.

It’s kind of interesting because I think that Duane has the most calm delivery of all these dudes. Even the beat is pretty mellow in comparison. However, Duane is just dropping facts here, it’s almost not even a diss track, more like he’s just exposing Dax. He’s not really talking shit, which is odd, but in a good way. It’s kind of like when your parents say they’re not mad, just disappointed.

It’s clear it’s all a front in yo tracks

You playin’ positive, but only for the love of the cash

You ain’t care about a soul, and it’s funny cuz that’s

Exactly what you gon’ be seeking once your money is tapped

And yo fans realize you ain’t got love for them back

You use them to get a lifestyle that none of them has

You convinced them you deserve it, so they argue it’s lies

And if it means you have to rob a couple artists that’s fine

That’s a cult mentality, I know how the shit goes

Rap name Dax, code name Jim Jones

First step get dough, next step show out

And in a couple years you turn Youtube to Jonestown

Who Had The Best Diss Track?

After listening to these 4 Dax diss tracks, I did find one more from a guy named Grizzy Hendrix. It was also just audio with a thumbnail, no accompanying music video. I’m not gonna post it though, because honestly I didn’t think it was very good, especially compared to these 4. But you can check out Grizzy’s diss track on your own if you’d like.

Make sure you vote below on who you think had the best diss track! I’m going to include Dax’s diss as well as Crypt’s just so everything is included. If you haven’t heard those yet, make sure you check out the post from yesterday.

Who Had The Best Diss Track?

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