British Comedian Freestyle Rap (Crowd Suggestions)

British Comedian Freestyle Rap

British Comedian Freestyle Rap (Crowd Suggestions)

Hip hop and stand-up comedy are probably my 2 favorite forms of entertainment. British comedian and rapper, Chris Turner found a good meeting point in his act.

You really should just watch the video, but it’s kind of long, so I’ll give you a quick run down.

  • Chris asks the crowd what they want to hear a rap about
  • He makes jokes relevant to the crowd’s suggestions
  • Crowd gets hype
  • DJ can’t drop a beat
  • Things get awkward, but Chris is still funny
  • 2nd sound guy comes in and fixes audio
  • Beat drops
  • Chris raps about every single topic, and makes it funny

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I don’t really like British accents in my hip hop music. Other languages I’m cool with, but for some reason most accents that are in English kind of bug me.

Uhh, that being said, Chris Turner absolutely killed it! A British comedian freestyle rap is not exactly what I think of when I think “Freestyle Friday”, but I suppose it fits.

The one thing that did just occur to me, is that this video probably wouldn’t have as much appeal if it weren’t for the technical difficulties. The build-up was a big part of it. Not to say the rap wasn’t good, it definitely was. But good enough to go viral?

Whatchu think? Tell me how stupid my opinion is in the comments section below.

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