Breeze Fiend – Fetal Demons (Music Video)

Breeze Fiend - Fetal Demons

Breeze Fiend – Fetal Demons (Music Video)

Check out the homie Breeze Fiend! “Fetal Demons” is a pretty crazy song. Some may even consider it disturbing, or demonic. I dig it. The “Fetal Demons” music video is super dope! Check it out below.

BRZFND | Fetal Demons Music Video

I don’t know what they actually call this style of video. I think of it as a drawing animation or stop action. When BRZFND sent me the “Fetal Demons” music video to play on the podcast, he said that the video wasn’t complete. It was supposed to have color, but they didn’t have time before the release date.

I haven’t been able to really determine where Breeze Fiend is from. His Soundcloud page says he’s from New Zealand, buuuut that’s probably a joke, right?

BRZFND is also on Instagram, where there are a few photos tagged in various cities in New York. There’s also a photo in California though, so I suppose it’s possible that they’re all from a tour, and he really is from New Zealand. My gut tells me he’s from somewhere in New York though.

Wow, I’m an idiot. His Instagram says “LA • BUF”, but you know what? I’m not deleting the last two paragraphs. Fuck it

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