Boogie Freestyle Breaks in Sway’s New Studio

Boogie Freestyle on Sway

Boogie Freestyle Breaks in Sway’s New Studio

Although I do watch a lot of freestyles from Sway In The Morning, I don’t actually watch/listen to the show itself, so I had no idea that Sway was getting a new studio. Apparently, Boogie is the first rapper to break in Sway’s multi-million dollar studio. I feel like that’s a pretty big honor, regardless of whether that was planned or not. Check out the Boogie freestyle below!

My Favorite Bars | Boogie Freestyle

Man I been sharpening my pencil

Shit, and look at what that led to

I take no co-signs as compliments

I can’t dim my light because niggas ain’t confident

Once you boomin’ they gon’ treat you like you up

If yo team don’t block the hate, then you gon’ turn to Andrew Luck

The way Boogie delivered these lines was slow and deliberate. I think that made it a bit more impactful. Also, if you don’t follow the NFL, then maybe you don’t get that Andrew Luck line.

Luck is/was a quarterback for the Colts that abruptly retired this preseason. He said in a press conference that his health and injuries were his primary reasons for his decision to retire. As a quarterback, you rely on your offensive line to block the defense from tackling you.

So basically what Boogie is saying (my interpretation) is that if the people around you can’t help block out all the negative bullshit that goes along with fame and success in the rap game, then you’re going to end up quitting, or retiring early.

Ain’t gotta question if yo man fake

He got them weird vibrations in his handshake

This was my favorite line from the Boogie freestyle. I talked about this on the podcast, how true that is about handshakes. It’s crazy, but you can feel people’s energy sometimes through their handshakes. It can definitely say a lot about a person. For sure though, you can tell the difference between someone who really has love for you, versus someone that’s insincere.

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