Token – Run It Back (Music Video)

Token- Run It Back Music Video

Token – Run It Back (Music Video)

Token is back with another silly music video for a brand new single. “Run It Back” is Token’s first music video since Between Somewhere. To me, Token has been consistently making some of the best videos for a couple years now. I thought that all of the music videos from both Between Somewhere and Eraser Shavings were very well done, and actually, he got famous from YouTube, so it makes sense that he would be good at producing videos.

“Run It Back” Music Video

The special effects in this video are awesome! The opening scene is cool, I like how the camera pans as Token throws the Molotov cocktail. Some of it was like eh. The kitchen scene where there’s bras all over the place is kinda corny. Then the scene where he’s getting his dick sucked under the table was, uh, a little much. Ain’t nobody trying to see a pasty white boy with no pants on.

The YouTube video thumbnail shows Token’s face as a pile of cocaine, which is in the toilet. Oh yeah, his face is also Ben Franklin’s face on the hundred dollar bill. Just some more randomness of Token’s music videos.

The Song Itself

As far as “Run It Back” as a song, I’m not sold yet. Most of the singles from Between Somewhere had to grow on me. I didn’t like most of them right off the bat because they seemed overly simple compared to Eraser Shavings, and that’s pretty much exactly how I feel about “Run It Back”. It’s fine, and I’m sure I’ll like it more as time goes on, but overall it’s not one of my favorites.

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