Stel | Summer Paradise

Stel- Summer Paradise

Stel | Summer Paradise

Hopefully the name Stel looks familiar to some of you. I posted his song “Fallen Angel” a few weeks ago, alongside some other MCs. Stel has officially released his latest EP, Summer Paradise.

Unfortunately, Summer Paradise isn’t yet available on Youtube or Soundcloud. Those are my normal go-to embed players because of their versatility. So hopefully you either have a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music so you can listen.

If you’re unable to play either of these two, it’s also available on Amazon Unlimited. But then again, you have to have a paid subscription no matter what. I believe that Stel said he’s working on getting it up on Youtube, so I might update this post when that happens.

My Thoughts on Summer Paradise

I’ve listened a couple times now, and I would definitely say that “P.T.L.” is my favorite song. What I’ve noticed is that Stel makes a wide array of different sounding songs. I haven’t heard 2 songs that sound the same yet. That could be a good or a bad thing, since “Fallen Angel” is the song that reeled me in, but there’s not really that same sound anywhere on Summer Paradise. I do like that he’s exploring his sound though, that’s definitely better than being predictable and stale.

My second favorite song is “Summer Night Paradise” because I really like the vibes. It definitely feels like a summer night jam. Stel’s delivery is a bit slower too, which I’m personally a fan of. Take a listen for yourself and let me know what your favorite song is!

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