Skyzoo & Pete Rock – It’s All Good (Music Video)

Skyzoo & Pete Rock- It's All Good

Skyzoo & Pete Rock – It’s All Good (Music Video)

Late as hell, but have y’all heard this yet? I mean, I’ve been listening to “It’s All Good” for probably close to a month now, because Spotify let ya boy know that it dropped. I’ve been lagging on listening to the album, Retropolitan, though.

It’s All Good | Music Video

Skyzoo & Pete Rock make an awesome duo! Both of them have classic hip hop styles that complement each other well. I’ve heard some Skyzoo songs here and there for probably 10 years now, but I’ve never got around to listening to a full project of his. It’s really a shame.

To be honest, this post is more of a motivator for me to listen to Retropolitan. Pete Rock is an undisputed legend in hip hop, so if he’s collaborating with a rapper for a full album, then you know they gotta have bars!

Anyway, I’ve been telling myself that I need to listen, and I still haven’t. Two times today I opened the Spotify app on my phone to download the album, and then got distracted and forgot. So I’m hoping that spending the time to write about the “It’s All Good” music video, will keep the album fresh on my mind.

I know the obvious question is why am I not listening to Retropolitan right now, instead of writing this stupid post. Well, because I don’t feel like it. I’m in the mood to watch The Office and Kim’s Convenience, while writing some shit on my laptop. I’ve been listening to music all day at work, so I come home and watch stand up or Netflix/Hulu.

So that’s that. I promise the universe that tomorrow will be the day.

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