Rapsody | Eve

Rapsody- EVE

Rapsody | Eve

Congratulations and respect to Rapsody for creating an album that is absolutely undeniable! Eve is very deliberate in its construction, and Rapsody manages to stay consistently focused throughout the album.

Now, there are many layers to Eve. I’m sure there’s an abundance of breakdowns and reviews already out there, so I’m not gonna bother with that. Rapsody specifically references black women throughout Eve, but there’s elements of her message that can be applied to anyone. What I personally took from Eve was a reminder of self respect and confidence.

I’m just gonna go over some of my favorite songs and moments on the album. If you haven’t already listened, I can’t recommend Eve enough! Rapsody really did something special here, and the closest equivalent that comes to mind for me is Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. I’ve seen someone post online that Eve is the hip hop version of Beyonce’s Lemonade, in the way it’s empowering black women. Maybe that’s a better comparison, but I haven’t heard it.

My Favorite Moments on Eve

Rapsody has definitely solidified herself as one of today’s greatest hip hop artists, but I think some of the greatest moments on the album weren’t from Rapsody herself. Reyna Biddy stole the show at times with her spoken word poetry.

Reyna was featured on a number of songs, but she really shined on “Reyna’s Interlude”. She performed an ode to the black woman’s body, which obviously ties in perfectly with the album’s theme. “Myrlie” was my other favorite song that Reyna was featured on. Her voice, the way she says, “Myrlie, I miss you Ms. Myrlie” and “I can love you if you needin’ love Myrlie. Can you love me back?” it give me chills. I went and looked up more of her poetry after listening to this album.

Another stand-out moment for me was more of a funny moment. It’s on “Iman” featuring J.I.D. He ends his verse by saying, “behind every great man there’s a bad bitch handlin’ shit”, to which Rapsody responds, “appreciate your elegance J.I.D, but bro love tell me, who the fuck you calllin’ a bitch?” I like to imagine that J.I.D just sent his verse to Rapsody, thinking everything’s all good, and then Rap snuck that in at the end without saying anything.

My Favorite Songs

My favorite songs have changed a little bit since the first time I listened. Right now, I would say that my favorite songs on Eve are: “Whoopi”, “Myrlie”, “Serena”, “Iman”, “Sojourner“, and “Maya”. What are your favorites?

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