HHIMH Podcast | “Rap’s Call Of Duty” (#003)

HHIMH Podcast | "Rap's Call Of Duty" (#003)

HHIMH Podcast | “Rap’s Call Of Duty” (#003)

Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 3

“Death comes in 3 and I’m killin this shit!” That’s what I said at the beginning of this video, but I decided to edit it out. Mostly because I know I ain’t killin shit yet, but, some day! No technical difficulties this time around. I finally figured out how to use a video camera!

Rap’s Call Of Duty

In this episode I talk about new music from NaS, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, and Token. I talk about some of my favorite video games, and declare Wale to be rap’s Call Of Duty. Also included: similar songs, southern rappers, vaping oil concentrates, and my newly discovered Soundcloud rappers.

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Don’t forget that if you’re interested in having your music featured on the blog, or in this podcast, I am always accepting new music submissions! The “Soundcloud rappers” that I talked about in “Rap’s Call Of Duty” came from people sending me links. I love discovering new artists, so hit me up and let’s grow together!

For anyone that actually listened to me blab for almost an hour, I fuckin love you!

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