Obie Trice | The Fifth

Obie Trice - The Fifth

Obie Trice | The Fifth

Obie Trice is back with a new album, and of course, the title plays into the alcohol theme. The Fifth is not only the slang for a 750mL bottle of alcohol, but it’s also Obie’s 5th studio album. If you listen to the Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast, and you should, you would know I played some of this album on Episode 9.

For the folks around my age (mid to late 20’s) Obie Trice is probably already on your radar. He was in the parking lot rap cypher scene of 8 Mile, as well being a part of a good amount of music released under Shady Records.

I understand that the younger generation may not be familiar with Obie Trice, so The Fifth might be your first exposure to him. If that’s the case and you want a recommendation of what to listen to next, I would definitely say Cheers and Second Rounds On Me are Obie’s best bodies of work.

My Thoughts on The Fifth

Obie Trice is still a giant, and he had some great moments on the album. The intro song, “Intro”, was perfectly chosen as it was a good stroll down memory lane, before hearing Obie’s new work. That song and “Space” are my two favorite songs, for now at least. “Space” features Xzibit & Lyriq. Everything about that song is great: the beat, the hook, Obie and Xzibit’s verses.

I do remember while listening to The Fifth for the first time, that the production could use some excitement. Obie used some dope flows throughout the album, but there were a couple songs that felt a bit stagnant. Overall I like the album, and Obie has definitely contributed to my Spotify playlist!

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