Marlon Craft Freestyle 5 Fingers Of Death | Sway In The Morning

Marlon Craft Freestyle on Sway

Marlon Craft Freestyle 5 Fingers Of Death | Sway In The Morning

Here’s another dope freestyle for dat ass! Marlon Craft delivered one of the best freestyle of the year on Sway In The Morning. I say that knowing full and well that I haven’t heard the majority of the freestyles that have come out this year, but still!

I have to say Marlon Craft’s freestyle was actually better to me the second and third time I listened to it. The first time I was a bit distracted by his voice and cadence. Not that it’s bad, but rather I wasn’t expecting for that voice to be coming from that guy. So it was distracting is all, but then I got over it and soaked up the lyricism. So try and reserve your judgments and enjoy some ill rhymes.

It was kind of crazy at the end of the video they were all geeked out. Heather B gave Marlon some serious props, which was really nice to see. Well, I guess the end of the freestyle is more accurate. The video is like 11 minutes long, but the part I’m referring to is only 6 minutes in, which is also when the freestyle ends.

Let me know what you think about Marlon Craft. This is my first time hearing him, and I think he’s dope! Hopefully more to come!

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