Little Brother | May The Lord Watch

Little Brother- May The Lord Watch

Little Brother | May The Lord Watch

I’m just now realizing that I should’ve written this post before Rapsody’s, because May The Lord Watch came out before Eve. The fact is, Eve was getting more love in my headphones recently. I just waited too long, because when Little Brother first dropped I was super excited! I was geeking out in the car and my drive home from work. Phonte killed it as usual.

One thing to note is that 9th Wonder was not a part of this project. If you’re not familiar with Little Brother, it’s a 3-man group consisting of Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte, and producer 9th Wonder. For this album though, the two rappers had to enlist the help of other producers to recreate their signature sound.

My First Thoughts

On my first play, I instantly felt like comfortable. “The Feel” was the perfect intro song, because it did make you feel like you were listening to The Minstrel Show. You know, any time that a group gets back together after many years, it’s always a toss up whether they will still have chemistry or not. I swear, it’s like Little Brother never lost a step.

Even though 9th Wonder didn’t produce any of the beats, a lot of the songs had similar sounding beats to past Little Brother projects. I mean that in a positive way, like they captured the same essence. The skits and interludes had the same feel of The Minstrel Show as well.

My Favorite Songs

So far my favorite songs on May The Lord Watch are: “Goodmorning Sunshine”, “The Feel”, “Sittin Alone”, and “Everything”. Honestly though, all the songs are good, especially in the context of the album. The other day I was listening in the car and I skipped all of the skits. It shortened the album up quite a bit. May The Lord Watch is already only 37 minutes, but take out the non-music and it’s a very digestible project.

I audibly let out a “OOOOHHHH!!!!!” when I first heard “Goodmorning Sunshine”. From Phonte’s second verse:

A new freedom that exists within the confines
I’m a boss, now tell ’em ’bout the gun line

If you’ve seen the movie Life, then you already know. Another one of my favorite lines from the album was also from Phonte. It was on the song “Sittin Alone”, which by the way is such a dope song. I love how Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte have opposite feelings about not being in the mix. Pooh seems to miss the action, and Phonte seems glad to be a homebody.

We get down, thinkin’, “Damn yo, this shit is boring”
After 35, the club’s a different kinda torment

Phonte’s whole verse is incredible, but this line stuck out to me the most. It makes me feel old though, because I already feel this way and I’m only 27. But anyway, let me know what your favorite songs and/or lines from the album are!

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