Latrell James – Still EP

Latrell James- Still

Latrell James – Still EP

Recently I posted Latrell James’ single “One Call“. Well now he’s officially released his Still EP, which consists of 5 songs in total, including “One Call”. It’s been out for about 3 days now I believe, but I just listened to the full EP this morning for the first time. I’ve probably listened to it 4 or 5 times now, since I just threw it on loop while doing things around the house. To start out, I’ll just post what Latrell James himself had to say about this project:

Still is about embracing stillness. With how much time we spend on our phones and internet we tend to miss everything that’s going on right in front of us. Still is about being grateful but wanting more.

My Thoughts on the Still EP

The Still EP is great music, and quite refreshing. The production is a little different than most of the music out today. It’s upbeat, a little spacey, and just generally positive sounding. There’s not any bass heavy songs, trap beats, or heavy distortion use. Latrell James produced 4 out of 5 songs on Still, with “Grateful” being produced by Teddy Meanface.

The Still EP is definitely hip hop, but Latrell James did a fantastic job of blending his singing with rapping to produce a smooth listening experience. Sometimes artists can create ear fatigue for their listeners when they use the same voice for every song. That’s not as common with shorter EPs, but regardless, Latrell James has that balance down. He’s even been mistake for Chance The Rapper, so if you like Chance, then you already know what it is.

Highlights From Still EP

With only 5 songs to listen to, you don’t really need a highlight reel. I mean, seriously, just listen to the EP. But anyway, I’ll share my favorite songs for y’all anyway. I already posted about “One Call”, but I do think it’s probably the best song on Still. The message is powerful and the song itself is well composed and executed. Even still, I’m not 100% convinced that it’s my favorite.

“Stay Down” may very well be my favorite song on the EP. If not, then it’s definitely a close second. I don’t know, I’m still back and forth. The beat is so smooth, and it has that sound effect that reminds me water drops. It’s hard to describe, but overall “Stay Down” is so laid back. It really is the perfect cruising song, or even just a kickback song to play while chillin.

I think my overall favorite line from the EP came from the song “Grateful”. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s one of those nostalgia moments that caught me right.

Long as the money’s good and all there, there’ll be no issue

You turn yo back, you hurt yourself, you Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu (A Small Tangent)

If you’re a fan of Tekken then I don’t have to explain shit. For you squares who never played, then pay attention. Tekken was a fighting game, similar to Street Fighter. Yoshimitsu was one of the main characters that was included in most of the games. He carried a sword that dealt massive damage, he could teleport, and he could use his sword to fly. More importantly, he could regain his health. BUT, he also had a pointless move that only damaged himself, but not the opponent. So if you’re a button masher, you could actually kill yourself on accident with Yoshimitsu.

I’m not totally sure if Latrell James meant the comparison to go this deep, but when Yoshimitsu did that move, he actually did kind of turn his back. He didn’t do a full turn, but rather turned slightly sideways for a second before turning to his original stance. It was very quick move, and I remember it confusing the fuck out of me when I was a kid. I never understood why that move was even in the game.

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