In My Headphones: Shades Lawrence | Second Life EP

Shades Lawrence- Second Life

In My Headphones: Shades Lawrence | Second Life EP

Y’all remember when Shades Lawrence dropped a gem on us with “Turn My Head“? Well now she’s back with her Second Life EP to feed her hungry fans. “Turn My Head” was obviously a hit, but she also dropped another single called “Pass The Rock” that was super dope. There’s 3 other songs on the EP, for a grand total of 5 songs. With today’s short attention span and the constant need for new music, I think 5 songs is the perfect length for a project, especially for up-and-coming artists.

Shades Lawrence has a pretty unique voice. I’ve been sitting here listening to Second Life and trying to think of who I would compare her. Not for the sake of comparison, but maybe to give somebody an idea of what she sounds like, if they’ve never heard her before. Honestly, I’m drawing a blank. She has kind of an old school style in terms of flow and rhyme schemes. I wouldn’t quite call it boom bap, but probably heavily inspired by 90’s era hip hop. The production is more up to date though, so there is a good balance.

My Thoughts On Second Life

I would say that “Falling Off Track” is my favorite song. I’m definitely a sucker for deep, introspective hip hop. I like when artists open up and get more personal with their music, and Shades does that well throughout the EP. “Falling Off Track” was a standout to me, as well as “Turn My Head”. The latter was actually a more impressive track all around, but for my personal taste, I’m taking “Falling Off Track” for my number 1.

“Survivor Story” and “Pass The Rock” were both good too, and showcase Shades’ ability to switch styles. I would maybe put them side by side, possibly giving “Survivor Story” the slight edge, again just for personal taste. “One Drop” was probably the only song that I wasn’t really feeling. Not to say that it’s bad, just not my cup of tea. I’ve never really been a fan of club/dance songs though, which is kind of what “One Drop” is. I guess it’s more radio friendly, if that’s even still a thing. Anyway, there’s something for everybody on the Second Life EP, so no complaints here.

If you’re feeling this joint, let me know! Drop a comment below, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more from Shades in the future as well. Don’t forget! You can support Shades and this blog by downloading Second Life from iTunes. Peace y’all!

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