In My Headphones: Intellect | Then There Were Two

Intellect- Then There Were Two (Out Of Left Field)

In My Headphones: Intellect | Then There Were Two

If you haven’t heard of Intellect yet, trust me, you will soon. This dude is not only a talented MC, but he already has a list of accomplishments outside of the rap game as well. I’m just posting my favorite song “Then There Were Two” here, but I’ll also include a link to the rest of his music at the bottom of the post. This song is from his album Out Of Left Field, which dropped back in October ’18.

Short Bio…

Intellect is from Pensacola, FL originally, but he has since traveled the world during his time in the service. He has other accolades, such as being a model, actor, consultant etc. but this is a hip hop blog so I’m going to try to stay focused on that. I just thought it was cool that he was able to take his experience in the service and use it on the TV shows that he’s worked on (Quantico & The Enemy Within).

…Back To The Music

“Then There Were Two” is very much my kind of hip hop. The beat is a bit different than most modern rap music. It kind of reminds me of the live instrumentation of The Roots, but I’m pretty sure it’s just clean sounding samples. Intellect also has a good rapping voice, which is becoming more and more crucial for me.

As far as the lyrics go, I think that Intellect hit the sweet spot between too simple and too complex. What I mean is, his diction is quite impressive, so even though the subject matter isn’t necessarily anything new, it still sounds unique. He’s also not talking in code, using abstract language to let the listener know they aren’t as smart as he is (*cough* Lupe Fiasco *cough*).

If you’re feeling this song, definitely look Intellect up on your favorite social media platform. I’m gonna add some links below, but I don’t know how comprehensive my list is. This is just what I could scrounge up myself with a few minutes of searching. Keep in mind, you can support both Intellect and this blog by purchasing his album from iTunes.

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Nicolas Laget

Thanks for the kind words about this song! Just thought I’d give you some inside scoop about the music. Madd Frequency is the brains behind most of these instrumentals. In the case of “Then There Was Two” I was delighted he liked and sampled one of the pieces I shared with him. It’s something I’ve always hoped would happen one day. That another producer would find something I do worth sampling. What MADD Frenquency did with it is wonderful. Intellect lyrics and vocals on top of that!? Icing on the cake!


Thank you so much for the kind words! That means a lot. Thank you even more for listening…and I’ll let you in on a little secret. The instruments are all live from my head producer Madd Frequency and the sample you here is from my other producer, Nico, who actually used his own symphony he composed called “Elao (Ehh Lah Oh)”. It’s such a humbling experience to be revered for doing something I love. Thank you so much for sharing. ~Lect