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Dope Hip Hop Albums

  • Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk | Ground & Water

    Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk have created quite a masterpiece if you ask me. The first time I listened to Ground & Water I was impressed. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention though, because I thought it was good, but not great..

  • Obie Trice | The Fifth

    Obie Trice is back with a new album, and of course, the title plays into the alcohol theme. The Fifth is not only the slang for a 750mL bottle of alcohol, but it’s also Obie’s 5th studio album. If you listen to the Hip Hop....

  • Stel | Summer Paradise

    Hopefully the name Stel looks familiar to some of you. I posted his song “Fallen Angel” a few weeks ago, alongside some other MCs. Stel has officially released his latest EP, Summer Paradise. Unfortunately, Summer Paradise isn&#.

  • Little Brother | May The Lord Watch

    I’m just now realizing that I should’ve written this post before Rapsody’s, because May The Lord Watch came out before Eve. The fact is, Eve was getting more love in my headphones recently. I just waited too long, because .

  • Rapsody | Eve

    Congratulations and respect to Rapsody for creating an album that is absolutely undeniable! Eve is very deliberate in its construction, and Rapsody manages to stay consistently focused throughout the album. Now, there are many layers to Eve.

  • Bas | Spilled Milk 1

    In case you haven’t already slipped on the Spilled Milk, the make sure you check it out! Bas follows up his album Milky Way with a new 4-song EP, Spilled Milk 1. Check the tracklist below Spilled Milk 1 Jollof Rice (Feat. EARTHGANG) F.

Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast

  • “Baby Games On Dat Book” | HHiMH Podcast (#016)

    Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 16 Someone tell these muthafuckas that Hop is back! Hopefully you weren’t one of the knuckleheads that believed that Hopsin was done with rap. He’s back with Tech N9ne and Murkeles on th.

  • “Non-Binary Up!” | HHiMH Podcast (#015)

    Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 15 I will admit that things got a bit heated. I vent a bit about people getting some backlash for sharing my opinions. I understand that artists can be sensitive people, but it becomes exhausting ha.

  • “Keep Your Head Down” | HHiMH Podcast (#014)

    Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 14 As it turns out, sometimes having a basic guideline is a really good idea. When I’m left alone without doing any kind of prep work, I apparently like to rant about Kanye West and Donald Tru.

  • “Grape Street Gang” | HHiMH Podcast (#013)

    Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 13 Well week 2 of the React 2 Rappers segment of the podcast didn’t have as much jelly in its doughnut as week 1. That’s ok though, the songs provided some good tangent jumpoffs. Grape S.

  • “Devil Played the Banjo” | HHiMH Podcast (#012)

    Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 12 Week 12 has brought us a ton of new music, including a new song from none other than the legendary Gang Starr featuring J. Cole! Devil Played The Banjo In this episode I share a plethora of....

  • “I’m a Killaaaa!” | HHiMH Podcast (#011)

    Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 11 Well there’s good news and bad news. The good news: I got a bunch of music to play for y’all. The bad news: I spilled my beer on my couch! I’m a Killaaaa! In this episode I....

Music Videos

  • Crooked I – Life Of a Bandana (Music Video)

    Crooked I aka Kxng Crooked recreated one of the best songs from one of the greatest rappers of all time. “Life Of a Bandana” is Crook’s reinterpretation of Nas’ classic song, “I Gave You Power“. Nas wrote from the perspective of a gun, being us.

  • Skyzoo & Pete Rock – It’s All Good (Music Video)

    Late as hell, but have y’all heard this yet? I mean, I’ve been listening to “It’s All Good” for probably close to a month now, because Spotify let ya boy know that it dropped. I’ve been lagging on listening to the album, Retropolitan, though. I.

  • Jollof Rice | Music Video (Bas x EarthGang)

    It’s been a minute since “Jollof Rice” dropped, but if you’re like me, you still got it in your playlist! I was pretty stoked to see that Bas and EarthGang got together for a Jollof Rice music video. As usual, I’m mad late. But hey,....

  • OC feat. Yung KR – RAW (Music Video)

    Yo I’m becoming a big fan of this kid Yung KR lately. I posted about him a while back, as well as playing his music on the HHiMH Podcast. Now I’m posting his visuals for the first time. This track is from back February ’18,....

  • Token – Run It Back (Music Video)

    Token is back with another silly music video for a brand new single. “Run It Back” is Token’s first music video since Between Somewhere. To me, Token has been consistently making some of the best videos for a couple years now. I thought that all....

  • Janette King – Love Another (Music Video)

    I love this song! You already know that hip hop is my bread and butter, but every now and then I gotta mix it up with some R&B or Soul. “Love Another” is a highly relatable love song, where Janette King pleads to not be....

Who Dat???

  • Dope Rappers: Yung KR, Lil Steek, JR23 [Who Dat??? #003]

    There have been so many major projects released by established artists in the last week or 2, that it’s been hard to keep up with it all. I decided to take a break from all that and show some love to Soundcloud. I would also....

  • Dope Rappers: Emilio RaStok, Stel, Phantom [Who Dat??? #002]

    Who Dat??? #002 It’s been a hot minute since my first Who Dat post, so I’ve been trying to get my shit together. In all honesty, I’ve been sitting on these songs for a while now, but after countless attempts, I’ve ac.

  • Dope Rappers: dTs, Fanetic, Rad [Who Dat??? #001]

    The What’s Been In My Headphones Lately series has inspired me to create a spinoff. I’m going to try to make this a weekly series as well, although I think after today I will stagger them a few days apart. This series is called .

Dope Hip Hop Songs

  • Kellz – 10N2 Freestyle

    Are you ready for some bars, my friend? You gotsta check out this dude Kellz and his song “10N2”. Kellz is a Colorado rapper, and I’m only assuming that because he mentions Colorado in this song. His voice and flow kind of remind me of....

  • Hopsin – I Don’t Want It (Is Hopsin Done With Hip Hop?)

    This is powerful man. I know people call Hopsin corny, but I honestly think he’s one of the realest rappers ever. There’s not too many other rappers that are willing to open up about their personal life and mental health problems with the same level....

  • In My Headphones: Rad – StarHopping

    Rad is back at it again with another hot single. “StarHopping” is smooth summer song, which Rad himself claims is more for the ladies. I don’t really give a fuck though, I’m still gonna listen to it. When I first started listening to Rad, he....

  • Big K.R.I.T. – Addiction (Feat. Lil Wayne & Saweetie)

    Dive in, this shit feel like water! The South is coming together for y’all and it’s just in time for the summer. Big K.R.I.T. teams up with Lil Wayne for the second time to create “Addiction”, and corny as it may sound, it is indeed....

  • Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Giannis (Feat. Anderson .Paak)

    Here we go! Freddie Gibbs & Madlib linked up with Anderson .Paak for their latest single from the upcoming album Bandana. MadGibbs is one of hip hop’s favorite duos out right now, with Freddie Gibbs on the mic and Madlib producing the tracks. I’ve tried....

  • Dreamville – Down Bad (J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang & Young Nudy)

    I feel like Dreamville has completely taken over my playlist in the past year, but they honestly deserve it. I said it recently in another post, but I think Dreamville has most stacked roster in hip hop right now. Just think about it, they got....

What’s Been In My Headphones Lately

Under The Radar

  • Under The Radar: Zae Litty – The Man

    WOOOO!!!!!! This boy Zae Litty just snapped! I’ll be honest, when this song came on for the first time, I thought I wasn’t going to like it. As soon as I heard the Auto-Tune, I figured it would be weak, but I was wrong my....

  • Under The Radar: Masta Q – “Work”

    Yes, I know I’ve neglected the “Under The Radar” segment of the blog for a while now. I’ve been focusing on other promotional opportunities, like the podcast! Well I figured why not combine the two? I could sift through artist submissions on the podcast, a.

  • Under The Radar: Latrell James

    If you’ve never heard the name Latrell James, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even still, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard his work. Latrell James is probably best known for being featured on the Cheerios commercial with his song, “Good Goes &#82.

  • Under The Radar: Shades Lawrence – Turn My Head

    Dude, I really can’t help but smile when I listen to this! Shades Lawrence is an emcee from Montreal, doing big things with her music. She’s heavily involved in the Montreal music scene, both performing her own shows and helping organize & host events. You....

  • Under The Radar: 747 – Retribution (INTRO)

    Alright, I might lose some of y’all with this post, but that’s OK. “Retribution” was such a dope, fun hip hop song that it’s hard to not smile and nod your head. 747 is the group, which according to Soundcloud, consists of LOGAN, Jokage, Skunky....

  • Under The Radar: Prophet Productions – “The Producer”

    I’m trying to keep up with the music submissions while still posting the mainstream music that I listen to. In that spirit, here’s another dope lyricist that you may not have heard of: Prophet Productions. He’s an underground hip hop artist from Canada who has...

My Hip Hop CD Collection

  • Kendrick Lamar | DAMN. [CD Unboxing]

    Here’s another glimpse into my hip hop cd collection. Kendrick Lamar is the featured artist this week, in my DAMN. CD unboxing video. I give you guys a little backstory as to when I first heard the album, my first impressions, and my current favorites.....

  • The Roots | The Tipping Point [CD Unboxing]

    For my next hip hop CD unboxing video, I’ve got The Tipping Point by The Roots. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, The Roots are my favorite hip hop group of all time. My goal is to own their entire catalogue on CD, and I’m....

  • Brother Ali | All The Beauty In This Whole Life [CD Unboxing]

    I’m back again with my 3rd run of hip hop CD unboxing videos. I recorded another 4 videos for the Hip Hop In My Headphones channel on Youtube. This batch of videos marks the end of my stockpile of old CDs I’ve had for a....

  • Joey Bada$$ | ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ [CD Unboxing]

    This marks the end of my second run of videos. Don’t fret, I still have 7 more CDs that I need to open up. Joey Bada$$ not only had dope artwork, but the CD book for ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ actually included lyrics. That is definitely....

  • Wale | Shine [CD Unboxing]

    The newest CD unboxing video to join the fleet is Wale’s album, Shine. While Wale is one of my favorite mainstream rappers, this album isn’t one of my favorites. Nevertheless, I show you guys the artwork and go over some of my favorite songs in....

  • J. Cole | 4 Your Eyez Only [CD Unboxing]

    It’s an unfortunate situation when I find myself unboxing an album that I don’t really like. Even worse, it’s from one of my favorite rappers, J. Cole. I’m not hating on 4 Your Eyez Only, but I honestly didn’t like the album. In a way,....