“Devil Played the Banjo” | HHiMH Podcast (#012)

"Devil Played the Banjo" |HHiMH Podcast (#012)

“Devil Played the Banjo” | HHiMH Podcast (#012)

Hip Hop In My Headphones Podcast: Episode 12

Week 12 has brought us a ton of new music, including a new song from none other than the legendary Gang Starr featuring J. Cole!

Devil Played The Banjo

In this episode I share a plethora of hip hop as well as cautionary tales of the road. I decided to go with “React 2 Rappers” as a working title for the segment in which I play user-submitted music and react to it. This is now the second official installment of that segment.

Other topics include: discovering where I first heard of Westside Gunn & Conway (Hint: it’s in the title), when it’s ok to use simple rhymes, Tekashi 69 memes, and Josh Turner’s road crew bus crashing near my job.

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Stream “Devil Played The Banjo” on Soundcloud!

Don’t forget that if you’re interested in having your music featured on the blog, or in this podcast, I am always accepting new music submissions! I love discovering new artists, so hit me up and let’s grow together!

For anyone that actually listened to me blab for over an hour, I fuckin love you!

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